Blair Agencies put trailer wheels under most of Atlantic Canada’s popular choices in leisure play toys and when contractors need to haul materials and equipment, chances are they'll purchase their utility trailers from one of Blair Agencies over 150 boat and utility trailer dealers.

Since launching their boat and utility trailer business in 1969, Blair Agencies has grown to become Atlantic Canada’s largest trailer distributor and now includes a wide range of major North American built brands of boat trailers, utility and equipment haulers, as well as marine products including shore docking systems and boat hoists. As recent as 2019 ,with the construction of their new facility, The Trailer Store division has broadened their horizons to include high quality and gently used powersports under the name Outlaw Rides! We aim to provide you with all the equipment necessary to have fun on and off the road!

Atlantic Canadians play hard with their snowmobiles, water crafts and off road all terrain vehicles. When it's time to go play on the water or in the wilderness, Blair Agencies is working through their extensive dealer network in every principal community in Atlantic Canada, to offer the right kind of hauler for every type of craft, vehicle, and light equipment or material requirement.

What sets Blair Agencies apart is the spirit of the team who deliver the products they distribute and support to the dealer network they have developed over the past five decades. Everyone at Blair's has a favourite hobby, boat, watercraft or type of onland toy they like to play with and that results in Blair staff knowing their trailers capabilities.

The knowledge they have acquired has lead them to identify the leading and most reliable brands in the trailer hauling industry and so when dealers call with the intended use of one of their customers, Blair Agencies can recommend with confidence the mechanical configuration that will get the job done.

Getting the job done right with the right hauler capacity or specifying the correct shore dock or boat hoist is a skill that Blair’s people offer every day. This industry knowledge has been the key to the successful growth of Blair Agencies in serving their dealers, so their dealers can serve their customers with satisfaction in their choice of equipment.

The brands that Blair Agencies distribute adds to their success because in every instance, the equipment design and build offers superior quality and reliability. This is important because Atlantic Canadians like to play hard with their equipment but are careful to haul their valuable recreational choices securely.